on 12 June, 2013

Varuna participates in NSW State Government's NSW Creative Industries Launch Video


Three Sisters mountains view The State Government has launched NSW Creative Industries and Varuna has participated in the launch.

Carol Major
Carol Major at Varuna, the Writers' House, Katoomba

Carol The classic writer shot. After reading the Draft Action Plan, the Writer’s Retreat in the Blue Mountains stood out as a potentially visually scenic backdrop for publishing. Jansis O’Hanlon, CEO of Varuna, The Writers’ House allowed the team to shoot in Eleanor Dark’s garden studio which was almost never available (it had only just been vacated 2 hours beforehand).

Follow the link below for an interesting insight into the economic impact of the Creative industries in NSW – as well as a couple of nice shots of Varuna … Following a lovely picture of one of our wonderful Varuna consultants, Carol Major and some words from the production team about shooting at Varuna … it was a cold and misty day …

Click here to read the blog describing the Creative Industries case study.