A pathway to publication

It’s every writer’s dream — to work in peace at a beautiful mountain retreat with a respected literary mentor, knowing that a major publisher is waiting to read the finished manuscript.

Varuna’s unique Publisher Introduction Program is one of Australia’s most dynamic literary partnerships, opening important doors for writers in a creative, collaborative process that aims to deliver finely honed manuscripts to leading publishers.


Affirm Press and Varuna the National Writers House are thrilled to offer The Affirm Press Mentorship Award.

The aim of the Mentorship is to help you as a writer get your manuscript to a publishable standard and – if the process is successful – ultimately for you to have your manuscript published by Affirm Press. By its very nature a development program like this cannot come with a guarantee of publication but Affirm Press Publishers will choose each of the manuscripts because they believe it has the potential to become a publishable work of literary value.