The Affirm Press Mentorship Award 2018 
Application Guidelines & Application Form

Varuna in partnership with Affirm Press

Applications close 31 May 2018

Please note that the application process has four steps:

STEP 1: Prepare your submission 
Online Form (Part A)         
STEP 3: Payment Page (Part B)     
STEP 4: Submission Upload (Part C)

STEP 1 - Prepare Your Submission - Formatting Guidelines

You will need to have saved your submission (cover pages plus sample chapter) as a single PDF before you start the application procedure (Parts A, B & C).

Your application should include:

  • Cover page & Synopsis (see details of what to include below)
  • A sample chapter (or chapters) of your work up to 10,000 words (minimum 7,000 words). This does not have to be your first chapter but should give a good feel for the direction of your work and your voice as a writer.

Your cover pages should include the following details:

  • Your name
  • The name of your manuscript
  • The genre/form of the work
  • A Logline (a one sentence description of your project)
  • A brief biography including relevant writing or life experience (one to two paragraphs only)
  • A one-page synopsis of your project. Your synopsis should be a one-page document that provides an overview of the entire story including how it ends. Keep it short, direct and straight to the core of what your manuscript is about.

Your submitted work (sample chapter) should be formatted as follows:

  • Submitted work should be in English, typed in Times New Roman (font size 12), double spaced and generous margins (at least 3 cm on left and right).
  • Please do not right-hand justify your paragraphs, as this makes the manuscript harder for our assessors to read.
  • You should include an identifying title and the page number on the top right hand corner of each page.
  • Please do take the time to carefully check your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors. If you require assistance with this process, Varuna can put you in touch with professional editorial services.
  • When work is double-spaced, it can be hard discerning where one paragraph ends and another begins. For this reason, we stress the importance of indenting the first line of each new paragraph (you can set up the style in Word to do this automatically). New paragraphs should also be used for each new speaker of dialogue.

You will need to save your submission as a single PDF document

  • You will need to save and upload your cover pages and sample chapter as a single PDF document.
  • Please use the name of your manuscript as the PDF submission name. To save your file as a PDF your submission name will need to be 25 characters or less.
  • Click here for tips on how to convert word doc to pdf - it may simply be a matter of 'saving' your document as a PDF.

Click here to see a sample submission.

NOTE: While there is no limit to how often you may apply, we request that you do not resubmit a work that you have already submitted in a previous year unless there has been substantial reworking/revision.

Varuna reserves the right to not process applications that do not follow the formatting guidelines.

STEP 2: Complete the online Application Form (Part A)

Remember you will need to have saved your submission (cover pages plus sample chapter) as a single PDF document before you start the application procedure.

When you have successfully submitted your Application Form (Part A), you will be taken to the Payment Page (Part B).

Please complete Online Form (Part A) once only per application.

STEP 3: Make Your Payment (Part B)

After submitting Part A you will be taken to the Payment Page (Part B) where you can either:

• pay the application fee by Paypal if you have a Paypal account
• or pay by credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

The application fee is $60 (GST-free). If you have a Health Care card the application fee is $30 (GST-free).

Payment must be made before you can upload your submission (Part C).

Payment must be made by midnight (AEST) on the closing date.

Following payment, PayPal will issue you a receipt – it’s important that you keep this for your records.

Following successful payment you will be taken to a Thank You page with a link to the Submission Upload Page (Part C).

STEP 4: Upload Your Submission (Part C)

After you have completed your payment (Part B) you will be taken to a Thank You page with a link to the Submission Upload Page (Part C) where you can upload your submission.

After uploading your submission successfully you will be taken to a Thank You screen – this completes your application

If there is any problem with your application, Varuna will be in touch via email. To ensure that you receive the email from Varuna, you need to add Varuna's email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to your address book and you may need to whitelist Varuna - click here for instructions.

Conditions for Applicants

In submitting an application, applicants agree to the following conditions:

• Applications must comply with the program's requirements as set out in the Program and Application Guidelines.
• Applicants must be 18 years or older.
• Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.
• Submitted material must be the applicant's own original work.
• Applicants must not be contracted to another publisher.
• Application form (Parts A, B & C) must be uploaded by midnight (AEST) on the deadline.
• Submissions including any support material must be uploaded (electronically) by the deadline. Late applications are not considered.
• Application materials are not returned under any circumstances. After the selection process is finished, materials are responsibly disposed of.
• Individual feedback is not provided to unsuccessful applicants.
• Varuna retains information from application forms for one year.


Applicants retain copyright of their material but agree to their work being used as stated in this program's description.

To view Varuna's Privacy Policy, click here.

Feedback to Applicants

The selectors' decisions are final. Selectors do not discuss the selection process or offer individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
For awarded applicants and their works in 2017 see Varuna News.
If you would like to receive more specific feedback on your manuscript Varuna is happy to provide writers with structured and ongoing support through our Writer Development Program.

Disclaimer: Varuna reserves the right to make changes to its advertised programs and all applications are accepted subject to this proviso.

Keeping up to date with Varuna's programs

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Applications close 31 May 2018

  • Submission saved as per the guidelines above.
  • Data for Online Form (Part A) prepared including log line and manuscript name.
  • Payment ($60 or $30 for Health Care card holders) can be made using Paypal.

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE WITH APPLICATION      (Applications open 1 May 2018)