Alumni Features - Index

Alumni Features - Index


This index lists the features and other content of the Alumni Monthly Features.

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  March Eddie Ayres, 2018 Guest Author at the Varuna Sydney Writers' Festival (Introduction and interview by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  February Poor Old Michael Finnegan Begin Again (By Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  January Alumni Interview with Taryn Bashford (Introduction and interview by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)



  November Between the Awful Noise and this Terrible Silence (By Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  October Alumni Interview: Mark O’Flynn (Interview and introduction by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  September A Life Sentence (by Diana Jenkins)
  August Cause and Effect (by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  July Alumni Interview with Mark Brandi (Introduction and interview by Alumni Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  June The Solace of Shared Stories (by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  May The 2017 Eric Dark Memorial Lecture: Crossing the Line by Professor Wendy Rogers (Interview and introduction by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  April Alumni Interview: Katherine Johnson (Interview and Introduction by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  March Writing from the wound (by Features Editor Diana Jenkins)



  December Writing resilience (By Alumni Guest Contributor Deborah Rice) with a message from Features Editor Diana Jenkins
  November Alumni Interview: Dr Ann Moyal, AM (Introduction and interview by Varuna Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  September With Gratitude (by Alumni Guest Contributor Vanessa Kirkpatrick)
  August There's Gold in Far North Queensland (by Alumni Guest Contributor Elizabeth Smyth)
  July Your Time Starts Now (by Varuna Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  June Alumni Interview: Suzanne Leal (Interviewed by Varuna Features Editor Diana Jenkins)
  May Reasons to Write and Cause to Celebrate (By Diana Jenkins)
Stories flourish in the long days of an Irish summer (By Kathy Sharpe)
  March Alumni Interview: Michelle Michau-Crawford (Interviewed by Diana Jenkins)
  March Alumni Interview: Michelle Michau-Crawford (Interviewed by Diana Jenkins)
  February A Writer’s Resolutions (by Diana Jenkins)



  December Alumni Interview: Leah Kaminsky (Interviewed by Diana Jenkins)
  November Alumni Interview: Hazel Edwards OAM (Interviewed by Diana Jenkins)
  October Are We There Yet? (By Feature Editor, Diana Jenkins
  September The Art of Activism (By Feature Editor, Diana Jenkins
  August It’s a tough gig when you’re past your prime (By Guest Contributor, Varuna Alumna Elisabeth Hanscombe)
  July Alumni Interview: Helena Pastor (Interviewed by Diana Jenkins)
  June Start Your Engines & A Corner of One’s Own (by Diana Jenkins)
  May Get ‘Em While They’re Hot (by Diana Jenkins)
  April Read ‘Em and Weep (by Diana Jenkins)
  March Alumni Interview: Lee Kofman (by Diana Jenkins)
  February Alumni Interview: Gabrielle Carey (by Diana Jenkins)
  January Alumni Interview: Felicity Castagna (by Diana Jenkins)



  November On Privacy (by Deborah Rice)
  October Blasting into the Blogosphere (by Diana Jenkins)
  September Alumni Interview: Katerina Cosgrove (by Diana Jenkins)
  August Cash Me Up, Buttercup (by Diana Jenkins)
  July Festival Fever (by Diana Jenkins)
  June Lost at Sea (by Diana Jenkins)
  May Alumni Interview: Jo Riccioni (by Diana Jenkins)
  April Alumni Interview: Charlotte Wood (by Diana Jenkins)
  March Alumni Interview: Sarah Price (by Diana Jenkins)
  February Nervous White Female (by Diana Jenkins)



  December Authorship 20/20: the National Writers’ Congress (by Diana Jenkins)
  November Creative Correspondence: Peter Bishop Replies (with an Introduction by Diana Jenkins)
  October Creative Direction (by Diana Jenkins)
  September Alumni Interview: Catherine Lee (by Diana Jenkins)
  August The Anatomy of Effort (by Diana Jenkins)
  July Alumni Interview: Fiona Wood (by Diana Jenkins)
  June Oh Yes, They Had a Story For Us... (by Diana Jenkins)
David at Annaghmakerrig (by David Spitzkowsky)
  May Giving It Away (by Diana Jenkins)
  April Alumni Interview: Susanna Freymark (by Diana Jenkins)
  March Alumni Interview: Jesse Blackadder (by Diana Jenkins)
  February Alumni Interview: Mark O'Flynn
News: Charlotte Wood's online magazine The Writer's Room Interviews (by Diana Jenkins)



  December Varuna’s Strategy Day: Lingering Thoughts in a Muddled Mind (by Diana Jenkins)
  October Member Interview: Heather Taylor Johnson (by Diana Jenkins)
  August 5x15 Stories: taking London by storm (by Diana Jenkins)
  July Shelley’s Ghost: Wandering the Halls (by Diana Jenkins)
  June Lost in Translation (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Meg Gardiner's The Nightmare Thief and Ransom River
  April Member Interview: Kate Wyvill, Northern Territory-based playwright (by Diana Jenkins)
Review: Emma Cameron's Cinnamon Rain (by Helen Barnes Bulley)
New Work: Patricia Bernard's Legend of Three Moons for 10-14 year olds
New Work: Patti Miller's Mind of a Thief
  March You’ve Got Mail (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Alison Booth's A Distant Land
  February Member Interview: Jennifer Scoullar, author of "Wasp Season" and the forthcoming "Brumby's Run" (by Diana Jenkins)
News: Alison Booth's Stillwater Creek awarded a Highly Commended in the 2011 ACT Book of the Year Award. New Work: Katherine Howell's Silent Fear



  December The Trouble with Narrative Voice (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Lisa Walker's Liar Bird
New Work: Ian Trevaskis' Edge of the World New Work: Deb Kandelaars' Memoirs of a Suburban Girl New Work: Mark O'Flynn's Untested Cures
  October Member Interview: Charlotte Wood, author of 'Animal People' (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Lara Morgan's Equinox, second book in The Rosie Black Chronicles series.
  September Slinging hash: how do writers really earn a crust? (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Elaine Kennedy's Wide Horse Sky
New Work: Irma Gold's Two Steps Forward
  August E-publishing: is the revolution upon us? (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Kim Westwood's The Courier's New Bicycle
New Work: Lizzie Wilcock's Extinction: The Day The World Ended, Give Me Four Reasons, Extinction 2: The Explosive Conclusion
New Work: Kate Holden's The Romantic
News: Kate Holden has had essays appearing in The Griffith Review and Meanjin, and she appeared on 'Jennifer Byrne Presents'
  July What’s Mine is Yours: do writers beg, borrow or steal? (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Feliciy Castagna's Small Indiscretions: Stories of Travel in Asia
New Work: Kim Westwood's The Courier's New Bicycle<
  June Member Interview: Adrienne Ferreira, debut author of Watercolours (by Diana Jenkins)
Review: Meg <McKinlay's Duck for a Day and No Bears
  May Young Buds and Late Bloomers: writing stages at different ages (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Fiona Wood's Six Impossible Things
New Work: Adrienne Ferreira's Watercolours
  April My Synopsis Sucks: rising to the challenge of first impressions (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Glenys Osborne's Come Inside
New Work: Fiona McGregor's Indelible Ink
New Work: Judy Johnson's The Secret Fate of Mary Watson
New Work: Leah Kaminsky's Stitching Things Together
New Work: Jane Sullivan's Little People
News: Leah Kaminsky's The Pen & the Stethoscope has been sold to Knopf USA, her essay Tunnel Vision of the Soul was published in Griffith Review
News: David Spitzkowsky's Jack was published in Visible Ink.
  March Rub it for luck: rites and rituals of the spooky art (by Diana Jenkins)
Alumni Abroad: Alicia Gilmore
News: Peter Lach-Newinsky has won the 2010 Melbourne Poets Union International Poetry Prize
News: Roanna Gonsalves’s radio documentary Doosra: The life and times of an Indian student in Australia broadcast on ABC Radio National's 360 program
News: Roanna Gonsalves’s play Yet to Ascertain The Nature Of The Crime was staged by the Melbourne Workers Theatre in November 2010
News: Michael Giacometti’s story Elijah Upjohn, public hangmanM/em> won the 2010 Trudy Graham Biennial Literary Award (Prose)
  February A Room of One’s Own: claiming space in a shrinking universe (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Dale Harcombe's Streets on a Map
New Work: Alison Booth's The Indigo Sky
New Work: Peter Coghill's Rockclimber's Hands
New Work: Lisa Walker's Liar Bird
News: Llewellyn Prain was awarded the inaugural short story prize in the Ethel Webb Bundell Literary Awards
News: Barbara Holloway has co-edited Halfway House, the Poetics of Australian Spaces, with Jennifer Rutherford
News: Peter Coghill's poem Aubade recently won the Dorothy Porter Poetry Prize.



  December The places from where stories are told (by Carol Major)
New Work: Peter Coghill's Rockclimber's Hands
News: Peter Coghill's poem Aubade recently won the Dorothy Porter Poetry Prize.
  November “Please no, not this again”: squaring up to the second draft (by Diana Jenkins)
Alumni Review: Deb Westbury (by Helen Barnes Bulley)
Alumni thanks Peter Bishop
New Work: Maryanne Khan's anthology fourW Magazine
New Work: Toni Jordan’s Fall Girl
New Work: Peter Lach Newinsky’s collection of poetry, The Post-Man Letters & Other Poems News: Siobhan McHugh has won a gold medal at the prestigious New York Festival of Radio for a series about sectarianism and family conflict in Australia
News: Catherine Therese has been named as a guest speaker at Iowa University’s ‘Nonfiction Now’ Conference this month
  October Always the Bridesmaid: Managing Rejection While Peers are Publishing (by Diana Jenkins)
Alumni Interview: Kate Howarth (by Carol Major)
New Work: Ingrid Laguna's Serenade for a Small Family
New Work: Kate Holden's The Romantic
New Work: Lara Morgan's Genesis
New Work: Leah Kaminsky's The Pen and the Stethoscope and poetry collection Stitching Things Together
News: the Cancer Council NSW has put their national symbol, the yellow daffodil, on the cover of Susanne Gervay’s Always Jack
  September Curiouser and curiouser: managing influence in original work (by Diana Jenkins)
News: MArk Welker's video of his stay at Varuna
  August The First Alumni News!
That’s All She Wrote: the agony and ecstasy of ending (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Fiona Wood's Six Impossible Things
Two Gentle Men of Letters (by Catherine Therese)
  July It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it…The perils & pitfalls of memoir writing (by Diana Jenkins)
New Work: Sylvie Haisman's This Barren Rock: a true tale of shipwreck and survival
New Work: Ian Trevaskis' Hopscotch
New Work: Meg McKinlay's The Truth About Penguins
News: Helene Young is flying high (by Diana Jenkins)
News: Shirley Walker won the major prize with her acclaimed family memoir, The Ghost at the Wedding, while the judges also recognised Kristina Olsson’s award-winning novel The China Garden.
News: Leak Kaminsky's The Fish Council
awarded a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship to further its development
  June Journey into the heartland of a novel (by Diana Jenkins)
Wake into writing... (by Fiona McGregor)
HarperCollins likes it hot (Lisa Walker's residency)
Broken silence a weighty business (Catherine Therese's The Weight of Silence
The shape of things to come… (Jewelene Barrile’s story The Geometry Lesson has taken out the prestigious 2010 Josephine Ulrick Literature Award
Have story, will travel (Kathleen Epelde has won the travel story section of the 2010 Northern Territory Literary Awards)
New Work: Fiona MvGregor's Indelible Ink
New Work: Katherine Howell's Cold Justice
New Work: Catherine Cole's The Perfume River
News: Katherine Johnson's Pescador's Wake was recently read to a full house at Hobart's Backspace Theatre.
  Kathleen Epelde Learning to Read