on 02 May, 2016

Congratulations to Suzanne Leal

Her new work: The Teacher’s Secret, Suzanne Leal (Allen & Unwin, June 2016

A teacher with something to hide and a new principal determined to uncover the truth.

It's a new school year and Terry Pritchard, Assistant Principal at Brindle Public School, can’t wait to see all the kids again. But things are different this year. There is a new principal at the school and she wants him gone.

Set in a small coastal community, The Teacher’s Secret explores the lives of its residents as they struggle to cope with life when forced to give up the things they most cherish: Terry Pritchard faces the loss of his life’s work as a teacher; Rebecca Chuma tries to adapt to a new country while negotiating the difficult path to gaining asylum; Nina Foreman struggles to cope as a single mother while managing the challenges of a new school and a hostile classroom.

The Teacher’s Secret, Suzanne Leal’s second novel, is a tender and compelling story of scandal, rumour and dislocation, and the search for grace and dignity in the midst of dishonour and humiliation.

‘Suspenseful, moving and full of heart. I couldn’t put it down.’ Richard Glover

‘Elegantly structured, unsettling, yet with moments of surprising wit—in this novel Suzanne Leal captures the life of a small community with real tenderness.’ Kathryn Heyman

REFERENCE: Allen & Unwin