on 16 June, 2015

Congratulations to Mark O’Flynn

The Soup’s Song - Mark O’Flynn

“From ekphrasis to lipogram, dramatic monologue to cut-up, historical vignette and traditional lyric to bold experiment, these accomplished and often striking poems always tell a good tale, with gentleness, wry humour, dark acceptance, and a twist to refresh the jaded eye. A fine and absorbing collection, full of the vanity of human wishes: a living, breathing commedia dell'arte.”
- David Brooks

“In his new collection, Mark O’Flynn displays all his customary humour, his delight in word play, his fascination with the idiosyncrasies of human beings and other creatures. As well, the poems display a keen interest in poetic form. The book opens with an impressive set of ekphrastic poems based on the work of the Hill End painters. Next there’s a set of poems dealing with the natural world – birds, animals, even midges. The second section opens with a set of surreal prose poems, some lipograms and then a set of poems dealing with more historical and mythic themes. The delight in O’Flynn’s work stems from his ability to find whimsy, humour, linguistic playfulness even when, beneath that, there is a serious matter being explored.”
- Ron Pretty

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