on 16 June, 2015

Congratulations to Gillian Telford

An Indrawn Breath, a second collection of poems by this poet, was completed with the assistance of a 2014 Varuna/Picaro Press Publisher Introduction Fellowship.

"The poems … travel the continent and beyond— through road trips, wilderness, visual art, crime scenes, haircuts, and the complex landscapes of the heart. Telford’s voice is intimate, poised and compassionate. But her tools are unobtrusive— the precise music of these poems is always in service to their humanity. Before you know it, they may well take your breath away." Andy Jackson

"There is a refreshing clarity of image and refinement of purpose in Gillian Telford’s poetry that frees her language from convention. These sculpted verses are assured; they give voice to the uncertainty of the mind, to the fragility of our journey with nature. An Indrawn Breath is a wise, accomplished, courageous book. It walks a tightrope across the landscapes of memory and forgetting." Michelle Cahill

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