on 16 June, 2015

Congratulations to Ross Donlon

Varuna Alumnus Ross Donlon’s latest book of poems is unusual in that it was launched in Norway, on International Labour Day, May 1st.
Sjøvegen (The Sea Road) is a sequence of 50 tanka set in the industrial village of Ålvik in on Hardangerfjord in Western Norway.

In a wonderful project, the tanka were translated into nynorsk (the ‘most poetic from of Norwgian, drawn from old Norse) by students at Alvik School.
The book contains both English and Norwegian versions of the 50 poems.
Students, aided by their English / Art teacher, Kristin Holst also illustrated the poems and Kristin raised money to publish the book from the local Kvam Herad (Kvam Shire), bank fish farm and school.
Sjøvegen, published by Mark Time Norge and printed in Bergen, has been warmly embraced by the community with coverage in local rmedia, and was featured in national day celebrations on May 17th.
Ross hopes to take part in the Olav Hauge Poetry Festival in Hardanger with The Sea Road in 2016

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