on 17 February, 2015

Congratulations to Hazel Edwards

Our congratulations to alumna Hazel Edwards who has re-issued her 'Sleuth Astrid' books as e books.

"Some years ago I had the privilege of writing at Varuna and also acting as a mentor there.
'Astrid the Mind Reading Chook' was one of my books I credited to Varuna's inspiration and writing time.This was published by Macmillan.

The idea for the 'chook' came from 'Ingrid' the chook from Varuna folklore.

Now I've re-issued them as a 2 e book series 'Sleuth Astrid' from my own online store and it's also available via Port Campbell distributors.
I'd still like to pay credit to Varuna, because without earlier help, these easy-to-read mysteries would not have continued to have such a long reading life."

Click on the links for 'The Mind Reading Chook' and for 'The Lost Voice of the Grand Final'. New illustrations are by Jane Connory.

See Hazel's website for more about her writing life.