on 23 May, 2014

Who won the Tyrone Guthrie Lottery 2014 ...

As you know here at Varuna we've been heads down landing the 2014 Varuna with Sydney Writers' Festival, which I'm pleased to say went extremely well - but that's another story - for now, coming up for air, we realise you're probably keen to know who the winners are for this year's Tyrone Guthrie Lottery.

And so without further ado ... (insert drum roll) ... the winners of the 2014 Tyrone Guthrie lottery are ...

Varuna Alumni, Kathy Sharpe and Eileen Naseby.

Kathy Sharpe is a journalist with Fairfax Regional in Nowra who has twice been selected for our NSW LitLink program. When Varuna chair, Marsha Durham rang Kathy to tell her the good news Kathy talked about the incredible support Varuna provides NSW writers through its residencies and mentioned how grateful she is for the Dark family's gift of Varuna. Kathy was so excited about taking up a writing residency in Ireland that she had to ring Marsha back to check she hadn’t just dreamt it!

The second person, Eileen Naseby, has also received several Varuna fellowships. As well as being a published author Eileen has found the time to raise four children and established Film World, Australia's 'leading stock footage archival film library'. Eileen is currently working on her new novel. On hearing the news that she had won Eileen said she would phone her husband and ask him to put a special bubbly in the fridge to celebrate the news.

Kathy and Eileen both receive a residency of up to four weeks at the Tyrone Guthrie centre in Ireland including accomodation, meals, time to write in a private writing studio and up to $2,500 towards travel expenses. Our two newest Board members Louise O’Halloran and James Roy drew the winners for the lottery after the end of our 2014 AGM. Brilliant.

Remember, if you want to go in the  draw for the 2015 Tyronne Guthrie Lottery you will need to be a financial member of the Varuna Alumni. Financial membership of the Varuna Alumni is open to all writers who have received a Varuna Fellowship or Award. Information on renewing your membership and other Alumni benefits can be found here.

Thanks to all the Alumni for putting your name in the hat and continuing to support Varuna.

Best wishes to all,

The Varuna Team