on 18 August, 2013

Red Moon Rising by Pam Mariko

I'm delighted to report that in June this year my book Red Moon Rising got accepted by literary agent Lyn Tranter of Australian Literary Management.

My link with Varuna has been relevant. This particular book began its journey as a Young Adult manuscript about 2007. I submitted 10 pages of the first chapter, at that time titled Winter World, to Peter Bishop. We had an appointment at Queensland Writers Centre to discuss it. I braced ready for constructive criticism, but Peter said his (then) thirteen year old daughter would love this book. He encouraged me to enter the 2008 Longlines competition which I did, entering two books, this being one of them. I won a consultation with both entries and a lengthy discussion with editor Carol Major ensued. While talking on the phone with Carol I made copious scribbles then set about implementing some of her recommendations.

The book, then titled Red Moon Rising: secret stories of a sixties schoolgirl went on to win an Olvar Woods Fellowship Award in 2010, providing the opportunity to further shape the work. The following year it made the semi-finals in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest gaining great reviews from panel editors.

Although there was an opportunity to publish with Amazon, I wanted to go down the traditional road of getting an agent and publisher first. Life, another year and more editing happened before I did any serious submitting, but it must have happened at just the right time, after all!

Red Moon Rising will probably be marketed as an adult book rather than a YA.

So thanks to Peter for that initial half hour consult and Carol Major for her input thereafter. I'm sure they'll be pleased that I now have a top agent. Hopefully Red Moon Rising is on the final leg of its long journey - to a great publishing home.