on 08 April, 2013

Eat Pray Mourn: Crime and Punishment In Jakarta

A two-year collaboration between anthropologist Jacqui Baker and Siobhan McHugh has finally landed on ABC RN's 360 Documentaries slot, airing this Sunday 10am - but the audio and info is up online NOW, so check it out whenever you like.

Eat Pray Mourn... tells compelling stories from the self-styled 'coolies' of Jakarta, voices normally ignored - as our middle-class Indonesian voiceover artists told us, with some chagrin. Gorgeous Jakarta soundscape and confronting exploration of how a fifteen-year-old democracy like Indonesia deals with a history of violence and authoritarianism. Magic, lynching, police brutality and the transformation of a lowly kiosk owner as she seeks justice for her murdered brother. Jacqui's rich knowledge of the country and love of the people make this a much deeper look at Indonesia than the average 'parachute journalism', while I had oodles of fun trying to turn a truckload of tape in a language I don't speak into affective and compelling narrative, while avoiding musical cliches like the gamelan. Some journey!

Listen to the documentary here: Eat Pray Mourn