on 01 December, 2012

New work: False Start

by Mark O'Flynn (Finch Publishing, 2012)

Varuna Alumna Mark O'Flynn's entertaining book is out NOW!.

Mark O'Flynn First Start cover A memoir of things best forgotten is a sly, tongue-in-cheek look at three of Mark’s short-lived careers where things went horribly wrong, yet horribly wrong in an entertaining way. Three times when Mark was mistaken for someone he is not: an expert. The book questions the nature of memory, as well as taking us on a journey from outback Queensland, via the stage, to a monastery in outback Ireland – that is, encompassing Science, Art, and Religion. All things to all people, yet in a modest way. In another it looks at the growth of a narrative voice from one slightly precocious, to one a little more mature. We hope.