Varuna Volunteers


Over the years, many people have volunteered their time at Varuna and this in-kind support is invaluable to the on-going development of what Varuna does. Varuna's volunteers are in-kind patrons.


Marsha Durham

Marsha Durham, an ex-academic who loves reading and fiction writing, was first associated with Varuna in the mid-1990s when she developed a scholarship agreement between UWS and Varuna. A few years ago, she joined Varuna's Readers' & Writers' Group. In 2007, she volunteered to develop Varuna's library. Since then, she has spent hundreds of hours to transform the collection into a useful resource for resident writers. Marsha has also been creating print and electronic documents, including a condensed biography of Eleanor and Eric Dark.

Barbera Palmer

Barbara Palmer, a registered valuer and former librarian, was enlisted, following Marsha's suggestion to undertake a proper assessment of the Varuna Collection, to value all the books. She has volunteered many hours to sort and cull the collection. Barbara is now working on the Varuna archives, covering the period since its inception in the late '80s.


Beverley has assisted Barbara in the various tasks of the Varuna Collection.

Francis Love

Frances Love has worked in libraries since she was 17. "Almost every type of library turns up on my CV: municipal, university, art college, special, school, and for State and Federal Government library services. I was never a cataloguer but find myself, in my retirement, cataloguing three different collections and it is fun".

Jen Quealy

Jen Quealy has assisted Varuna with ideas to bring attention to Varuna, to attract supporters and partners, and to build internal systems to better understand Varuna's value, as a unique and critical national asset to the reading, writing, publishing and broader Australian community. Jen is a partnerships adviser bringing people and organisations together to collaborate on creative and environmental pursuits.

John Pankhurst

John Pankhurst is a retired teacher. He assists Rod Dark in the Varuna garden. John read English/History/Latin at the University of New England. He has a family background in horticulture. His small garden in Katoomba is at its best in autumn and spring. Work in the large Varuna garden he finds very rewarding.

John looks forward to morning tea each Monday. The cakes and conversation are very much to his taste.


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